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25 Kille Movie Review Yograj Singh Guggu Gill

Jasdeep August 25, 2016 577 Views
25 Kille Movie Review Yograj Singh Guggu Gill

25 Kille Punjabi Movie Review 
Run Time - 2 Hrs 21 Mins
Introducing Ranjha Vikram Singh
Starring Guggu Gill, Yograj Singh, Hobby Dhaliwal, Jimmy Sharma, Lakhwinder Singh, Daljinder Basra & Baljit Sidhu
Main lead actress Sonia Mann,  Sapna Bassi, Sandeep Kaur Sandy & Sandeep Malli.
Supporting Cast: Rajneet Kaur, Sandeep Patilla, Sardar Sodi & Dilwar Sidhu
Directed By - Simranjit Singh Hundal

Producd ByVikram Singh - Ranjha , Amanpreet Singh Sodhi & Shirin Morani Singh

Synopsis25 Kille is a story about the relationship of land and Jatts. The movie revolves around the lives of 4 Jatt brothers who stand against all odds in their lives.
The movie starts on a lighter note and takes an emotional turn as the truth behind their ancestral land and the death of their father unfolds. It showcases how the weak common four transform into the triumphant four.

Performance:- Everyone in the film have done a decent job. Especially Guggu Gill and yograj Singh.. they were fantastic as usual..both of them use to work with each other in the this film they doesn't look different. With same attitude, they performed so of the star cast played their characters with efficiency too. Especially Mr. Ranjha vikram Singh, Sonia Mann , Sandeep, Lakhwinder Singh, Jimmy Sharma and Aman kotish..

Technicality:- we appreciate Simranjit Singh Hundal's efforts. He has done a great job this time. Apart from some minor mistakes he had his grip on the film all the time.

Cinematography was fantastic. Great job by the D.O.P. he also understood the vision of the director.

Music:- Jaidev Kumar is doing a great job for Punjabi cinema from a long time. In this film he was on the spot. All the songs were fantastic and very well made.

Finally we would like to say everything was fine with the film except one thing .. Guggu Gill's character needed to be bit big. He role was fine but if they gave him more dialogues and action to do that would be perfect . That film could be good choice for this weekend... We will see you with next release until then good bye and have fun...







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  • @EiadTweets Vetstibulum laoreet is are go mauris ac #vulputate pellentes , justorle atus pulvinar augue.

  • @EiadTweets Vetstibulum laoreet is are go mauris ac #vulputate pellentes , justorle atus pulvinar augue.

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