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Beauty and Talent on one Platform

Jasdeep May 11, 2017 420 Views
Beauty and Talent on one Platform

If you look confident you can pull of anything. It’s not about being the best; it is about being better than you were yesterday. Beauty doesn’t lie only in skinny body it lies in every woman whether it’s healthy or plus size. Daksha Digitas and Hardeep Arora Innovater organized a Beauty Pageant, Ms Plus Size North India 2017 in which Plus size ladies will walk the ramp and fulfill their dream of winning a beauty pageant.

The first British-Asian plus size model and the brand ambassador of Ms Plus Size North India Bishamber Das was present at the event held in Chandigarh. To cheer the contestants model Bishamber Das personally met them and saw their practice session and Dress Rehearsal.

Model Bishamber Das said, “Size doesn’t define your Beauty and Confidence. Beauty is about being comfortable and believing in you. Women have to deal with many issues related to their size and I personally feel that they shouldn’t be pressurized to go through depression. Ms Plus Size North India 2017 is a platform where girls whether married or unmarried, plus in size can come forward, live their life and fulfill the dream of winning a Beauty Pageant. This platform will surely treat them like a queen and will make them more confident.”

Daksha Digitas Owner Binod Kumar and Hardeep Arora Innovater Owner Hardeep Arora said, “Every woman is unique and precious in her own way and these days Curves are the new sexy. We have conducted auditions in many cities and we are very happy to see the response and talent of the women. We took an initiative to break the myth that only thin ladies are beautiful and they can only win the Beauty Pageants.”

Ms Plus Size is an attempt to bring out the inner strength and poise of women who do not fit in the ‘standard size’ of the society. The show is powered by Mifco, and co-sponsered by The Diet Xperts and Kittybee. The official website is

The auditions were held in city Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Chandigarh, now the Grand Finale will be held on 12th May in Panchkula at ‘Bella Vista’.







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  • @EiadTweets Vetstibulum laoreet is are go mauris ac #vulputate pellentes , justorle atus pulvinar augue.

  • @EiadTweets Vetstibulum laoreet is are go mauris ac #vulputate pellentes , justorle atus pulvinar augue.

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