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Movie Review Channo Kamli Yaar Di

Jasdeep February 19, 2016 580 Views
Movie Review Channo Kamli Yaar Di

After a long time there is a new Punjabi film in cinemas now named “Channo “. Before the release of the movie everybody was saying that it’s a copy of vidya balan’s ‘kahani’ but I must say it’s a totally different story.. It’s a brave step taken by Neeru Bajwa and Mr.Pankaj Batra to make a film on a different story. We say job well done guys.
It’s a sign of a progressive punjabi Cinema.

Starring : Neeru Bajwa, Binnu Dhillon, Rana Ranbir, Karamjit Anmol, Anita Devgan

Directed by :Pankaj Batra

Banner : Neeru Bajwa Entertainment & Mystery Man Productions

Produced by Neeru Bajwa & Harry Singh Jawandha, Santosh Thite

Music Director : Jatinder Shah

Written by Naresh Kathuria

PlotThe story is based on a girl (Neeru Bajwa) who married to a guy and that guy left her behind and move to Canada for their better future. After four or five months he couldn’t contact her for some reason. Here channo stared worrying about him and ask for a help from a another guy (Binnu Dhillon).

Binnu dhillon who was in love with that girl before agrreed to help her because he is still loving her from inside. They reached Canada to find her missing husband.. Here they found a drug racket’s involvement behind her husband’s missing.Do they found her missing husband ? Is he still alive ?
What happen to channo after ?
To answer all these questions you have to find a theater near you.

Star performances: It’s Binnu Dhillon everywhere.. He is a simply amazing actor. Apart from his comedy timing he played some emotional scenes amazingly. That was his first film as a lead actor and he justified his selection as a character. Neeru Bajwa looks great as Channo. She shows her acting skills as a pregnant women. She is been fantastic through out the movie. Rana Ranbir and Karamjeet Anmol played Binnu’s friends and they were well fitted as well.

Technicality: From a direction point of view Pankaj Batra done a fine job. There were some gaps in a story but Pankaj made them smooth.

Writing: The story was bit different according to Punjabi Cinema but it could be so much better. The audience couldn’t relate to the climax of the movie. The dialogues were fantastic.

Music: Music of the movie was okay. Relating to the story it was fine.

Overall it’s a good family film to watch on this weekend. If you are a Binnu Dhillon fan then you must watch it. W’ll catch you next time until then good bye and stay haapy..






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  • @EiadTweets Vetstibulum laoreet is are go mauris ac #vulputate pellentes , justorle atus pulvinar augue.

  • @EiadTweets Vetstibulum laoreet is are go mauris ac #vulputate pellentes , justorle atus pulvinar augue.

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