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Vaisakhi List Movie Review

Jasdeep April 22, 2016 757 Views
Vaisakhi List Movie Review

Same Old wine in a new bottle.

Run Time - 2 hrs 25 Mins

Aapna Pollywood Rating - ***3/5

SYNOPSIS A Punjabi comedy about two prisoners who have escaped from jail on Vaisakhi; a few hours after which they see the Vaisakhi list made by the government in which they were to be pardoned. 

Directed by:Smeep Kang 
Produced by :Palwinder Singh Gakhal Gurvinder Singh Gakhal Iqbal Singh Gakhal 
Screenplay by:Vaibhav Suman Shreya Srivastava 
Story by:Vaibhav Suman Shreya Srivastava 
Starring:Jimmy Shergill, Shruti Sodhi, Sunil Grover, Jaswinder Bhalla Gurpreet Ghuggi Binnu Dhillon 
Music by: jaidev Kumar 

Review - 
Technicalities : Vaisakhi list was a much awaited film of smeep kang. It's a typical Sameep kang's movie we can say. He has a great command on comedy scenes but unfortunately he fails to deliver the same in romantic scenes. They needed to be treated with more efficiency. Some of the scenes were copy and paste from his last hits. Smeep impressed the audience with 'carry on jatta' lucky di unlucky story' ' Bhaji in problem' and many more. Because of that expectation level was very high with this promising film. But he couldn't deliver this time. No doubt he present the story in a good manner but it could be much better. 

What's Good : The movie is flooded with many wonderful moments featuring Jimmy Shergill,Sunil Grover, jaswinder Bhalla, B.N.Sharma and shuruti sodhi. All these scenes keep you indulged in the film. The dialogues were witty as well as filmy at times. The music of the film is good with some chartbuster songs. The film also manages to extract some good performances from the lead actors. Jimmy Shergill and Sunil Grover has a great characters and they tried hard to match up to its levels. Sunil Grover looks outstanding in some scenes . jimmy was great too ,no words for him ,he is a really professional guy. Shuruti sodhi looks nice and displays her acting skills and does full justice to her role. Jaswinder Bhalla is fantastic and show his expertise as an actor. Other actors like B.N. Sharma , Binnu Dhillon, Rana Ranbir etc has small roles but they also does full justice to their characters. 

What's not good : The great moments in a story get diluted due to weak screenplay and lack of dramatic moments in the film. Especially in the second half. Some of the scenes were not at all justified the film. The climax is the lamest part of the film and required something more to rise. The writers could have done much more with this superb idea, which has full potential of becoming a great film by its own. The movie has it's heart and soul in place but, has not been treated well. 

Final verdict: vaisakhi list is a film with new idea but with same old style of treatment. The family audience will enjoy the several parts of the movie, while others will find hard to digest some non professionally made scenes. So that's all for this weekend guys . Until the next release you guys have fun and stay happy.....






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  • @EiadTweets Vetstibulum laoreet is are go mauris ac #vulputate pellentes , justorle atus pulvinar augue.

  • @EiadTweets Vetstibulum laoreet is are go mauris ac #vulputate pellentes , justorle atus pulvinar augue.

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