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Shadaa Movie Review – Fun unlimited by an amazing story!

by Amandeep Singh
Shadaa Diljit Dosanjh Neeru Bajwa
Movies are a good medium of entertainment and getting a movie like this which delivers huge amount of entertainment is a treat for the audience. ‘Shadaa’ is this kind of film which is in the theatres now and people are just loving it because may be it is first comedy film which carries a good logical story. Yes!! This film has comedy through story which is just opposite to other comedy movies which only carries illogical elements to create laughter.

Story of this film talks about a person who is not getting married played by Diljit Dosanjh as Shadaa. And he met a women who is also Shadi played by Neeru Bajwa. Now how they both change their opinions for getting married is all about the story of this film. Shadaa is full of funny elements which are presented in a different way by Jagdeep Sidhu. His direction vision is just amazing and expectations from his films are now more higher.

Acting of all the artists are superb as everyone has played their roles in an impressive way. Diljit and Neeru’s chemistry is again firing and we would love to watch them both together much more. Comic punches are really new and unique which are delivered really greatly. Unlimited fun is in the film which you all should not miss.

Shadaa is running successful in theatres and we hope this team will break all the records on Box Office. Goodluck to them and looking forward to watch more movies from them. If u haven’t watched this film, we suggest you not to miss it and experience a new kind of cinema.

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