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Mandy Takhar Lodges FIR Against Fake Video

by Amandeep Singh
Fake Video Mandy Takhar

Punjab ( Aapna Pollywood) On 27th August 2020 A Fake video in which Mandy Takhar’s face
was morphed onto a video of pornographic nature, and uploaded on pornographic websites by
unknown entities went viral around the world via WhatsApp. After watching only a few minutes of
the video it is evident that the video is fake and that it is actually not Mandy Takhar in the fake
video, however it did not stop people from spreading it.

Fake Video Mandy Takhar

Fake Video Mandy Takhar

Mandy Takhar handled the situation with immense Grace and strength and initially stayed silent on
the matter but eventually the cyber bullying and trolling evidently effected her peace and she finally
spoke up a few days later, confirming that the video is Fake through her social media post, stating
how she is absolutely disappointed and disheartened with her own Punjabi people who are making
the video more Viral even though everyone is aware it’s fake. Mandy’s patience and bravery is
commendable, She got an FIR registered against the culprits, which includes the websites that the
fake video was uploaded on and also those defaming the actress on social media platforms.
The FIR has been lodged under section 67(A), 67, 66(E) of Technology Act 2000 and section 509, 354
of Indian Penal Code 1860.
The police is currently investigating the case. Mandy Takhar has done applaudable work in the
Punjabi Film Industry and is considered as one of the finest actresses of Punjabi cinema, giving award
winning performances in “Rabb da radio” “Ardas” “Sardaarji” and many more.
she is known to be humble and kind in nature.
We hope and pray justice is served and this unethical crimes stop as not every girl can handle such
defamation and disrespect the way Mandy Takhar has. According to sources Mandy is keeping
strong and feels grateful that her fans and colleagues are very supportive, making the actress feel
more loved and respected.

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