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Neeru Bajwa Entertainment has come up with ‘Munda Hi Chahida’

by Amandeep Singh
Munda Hi Chahida punjabi movie

Some part of our society is still stucked in old kind of thoughts and they do discrimination in between caste, creed, color and sex. From these today we will talk about gender discrimination which is very common and we listen to these kind of stories from every next door. We are talking about this because punjabi film industry is going to touch this subject with a new movie.

Neeru Bajwa Entertainment has announced a new movie which is titled ‘Munda Hi Chahida’. What a title it is because this is a line which people have said and heard many a times in routine life. People really want only boy child rather than having a girl child because they have a rigid mindset that boys are better than girls. This exists nowhere as we should understand that every person is equal.

This new movie is going to teach us this in a very different way. The poster of the movie is out and it is delivering the innocence. One baby boy is shown in the poster which is made cartoonist. This movie is going to be made under Neeru Bajwa production which is named Neeru Bajwa Entertainment. Beforw she has given pollywood a movie ‘Channo’ which was a super hit flick.

That subject also delivered great messages to the audience. And we hope to get more good and meaningful content from the upcoming project also. We wish good luck to the team and hope they will share more information regarding this project. Fingers crossed for this project because society really needs to bring changes in some matters.

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