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Will Love be able to spill its charm on Zee Punjabi’s couples? VALENTINE MONTH SPECIAL

by Amandeep Singh

Chandigarh 5th February 2021 (Aapna Pollywood February has just started, and people already have plans for this month of love. However, it seems like love has to wait a little longer to make its passage in the hearts of the audience’s favorite Zee Punjabi couples. 

In Tera Rang Chadeya, where JD is leaving stone unturned to make Seerat’s life difficult after marriage, will Seerat be able to finally find her place in JD’s heart? Will JD leave his ego aside and accept Seerat? love story finally start from this valentine?

Like other couples, Veer and Mahi will also have to wait for the season of love. Where Mahi has to tackle a serious financial crisis to treat Veer, will Veer be able to finally understand his love for Mahi?

In Khasma Nu Khani, Simple’s never-ending evil plans in the office and home against Desho in not making her life difficult but creating a lot of tiffs among Arman and Desho. Will Desho be able to handle all these
problems? Will Arman understand his mistakes?


Despite being a cross-border love story, Aman and Zarina’s life has not been all lovey-dovey these days. In Tu Patang Main Dor’s latest storyline, where Zarina is struggling to make her place in Aman’s family, a truth bomb blasts where everybody comes to know the reality of Zarina’a attack was the plan of Aman’s mother. Will Aman be able to forgive his mother? Will Zarina be able to win the trust of Aman’s family? Will Aman and Zarina be able to find the solace with their love?

 To know what the story holds for them, keep watching Zee Punjabi.

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