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‘Ardaas Karaan’ Movie Review – Teaches us to live life in a better way!

by Amandeep Singh
Ardaas Karaan movie review

2016 year gave audience a meaningful cinema titled ‘Ardaas’ and now its sequel ‘Ardaas Karaan’ is released which has taught the audience to live life in a better way. Gippy Grewal is the producer and director of the film who has shown many things through it. Story of the film revolves around many aspects and many characters which are played by brilliant pollywood artists.

Acting of all the starcast is commendable as each of them have played their parts really well. Gurpreet Ghuggi is playing the character of Magic Singh who has binded all the content of the story. Gurfateh Singh who is son of Gippy Grewal is also seen in the film who has done his job nicely. He is a delight to watch as he is way too innocent and cute. Gippy is delivering many emotions which are going deep down to hearts.

This film has taught many things to the audience as it talks about religions, superstitions and many more. It breaks the difference between all the religions and tells us to believe in humanity. Messages are given properly with justification to the elements. Overall movie is good which has raised the level of Punjabi cinema.

There are many artists in the film who has portrayed many meaningful elements. We wish good luck to the whole team and hope they will keep us entertained like this always. Humble Motions Pictures presented this film is running successful in theatres. Looking forward to watch more parts of it.

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